Spring Has Sprung…..EARLY!!

It has been amazing weather here the last few days, every thing is green and growing



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Spring has sprung,

Spring has sprung and summer is on us.  Here at the farm this is the busiest time of the year,  so Blog posts are going to be short and mostly pictures and videos, like this:

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The Fountain of youth

As Long as I can remember The Farm has had a “spring”.  A place where water bubbles up through the ground of its own accord.   In the time of my youth(some 30+ years ago) it was a large marsh, filled with cattails and weeping willows.  It was a wondrous place for a kid, not such a wondrous place for a farmer, as it is situated in the middle of a corn field causing many problems and stuck equipment if one ventures too close.

Well Fast forward……with the passing of time and the improvement of farm equipment, the spring was finally tamed and covered, and except for one small patch in the center, The spring was planted and harvested with much success………….

Until now.

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I will say it again, Lets get this thing pumping

Its another great day, Sun shining, nice and warm and most important…..NO WIND.

Out to the mill to finish this thing.


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Lets get this thing pumping.

It is a beautiful, calm morning, So lets make a windmill!

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The Wind she is a Blowin

I woke up this morning to 20mph winds with gusts to 40….Not going up to work on the windmill in this.  Not going to happen.  So,  We have all this dirt parked in our garden and it needs to be put to good use.


I borrow a tractor and loader from a helpful neighbor


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Lets Build a Windmill

It is a gorgeous sunny morning and We are loaded up and ready to go, here it is….a complete windmill.


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